Wednesday, November 5, 2008

North Dakota Salsa

I really like salsa. All kinds of salsa. But, I especially love traditional spicy tomato salsa.

Making salsa in North Dakota over the winter is quite a challenge because finding good, fresh tomatoes is difficult when it’s -30 outside. Shocking, I know!

So, I was thrilled when I discovered (begged) this recipe ... made my Pat Sanden (the mom of Corey’s friend Josh). It uses canned tomatoes! and it tasted great! So, I shall call this North Dakota Salsa.

Here’s what you’ll need:1 large can (approx. 16-28 oz depending on how much you want to make) whole tomatoes
1/2 - 3/4 bunch of cilantro
1/2 yellow onion
two jalapeƱos
3 T Mrs. Wages salsa canning seasoning (in the canning area of the store)
sate and pepper to taste

What to do:
Combine ingredients in food processor and chop until desired consistency is reached. If you don’t have a food processor a blender will work but it gets frothy, so refrigerate before serving. Serve with chips.

This salsa is responsible for motivating me to buy a food processor ... if it does the same to you ... I recommend looking at - they have some great deals!

This is the Mrs. Wages salsa seasoning. I get mine at WalMart ... save yourself time and look for it in the canning isle (near housewares).

Thanks for the recipe Pat!

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