Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crab Roll Appetizer

What you’ll need:
one loaf white or wheat bread (the cheap squishy kind)
1/4 pound Velveeta
one stick butter
one cup fresh, imitation or canned crab
a few shakes of onion flakes and a shake of worcheshire sauce
sesame seeds

What to do:
Melt butter and Velveeta in saucepan, add crab and onion flakes and worcheshire sauce. Cut crusts off bread and roll bread thin with a rolling pin. Spread crab mix on bread and roll. Spread melted butter on rolls and sprinkle with sesame seeds (yes, this is a low-fat dish ... not). Cut rolls into thirds. Freeze for use later or broil for about 10 minutes (watch closely). Remove from oven when the cheese melts out and they start to turn as golden color. Serve with tooth picks. eat. say "yum."

Thanks to Grandma Schumacher for this great recipe!

We thought these would be good if the bread was substituted for tortillas - so that would be another option.

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